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hetalia joke by DeidaraAddict hetalia joke :icondeidaraaddict:DeidaraAddict 3 0 We all have that one folder.... by ExSakura-Lit We all have that one folder.... :iconexsakura-lit:ExSakura-Lit 1 0 I love you by Moon-Cloud101 I love you :iconmoon-cloud101:Moon-Cloud101 9 11
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PruAus and AmeCan Omegle :iconatyourserviceshipper:Atyourserviceshipper 3 0
Don't Touch Him by Moon-Cloud101 Don't Touch Him :iconmoon-cloud101:Moon-Cloud101 6 2 USA and Canada by emissia10 USA and Canada :iconemissia10:emissia10 12 0 UsCan by emissia10 UsCan :iconemissia10:emissia10 47 3
Why I hate UsUk and love UsCan
Why I hate UsUk:
Seriously guys. I DON'T UNDERSTAND HOW THIS BECAME THE MOST POPULAR PAIRING. It is NOT the best. Having the 'best' pairing is a self-proclaimed title you give. If it is the best, then why is there an equal amout of haters? UsCan rarely have any haters because since it's not very popular, no haters to hate. Yet, there are a huge amout of fans to love and ship it.
And I'm tired of England being an uke. NO, make that, annoyed. Serz guys, it's UK (pronounced as you-kay) NOT UKE. THAT IS JUST RETARTED. I like FrUk, or UkFr(in that order).
And, IT IS INCEST. STOP SAYING ITS NOT. Just because America said: "You're not my brother anymore." doesn't mean he 'severed' any historical relations with England. It's not like I can say a single sentence and my brother is no longer my brother. It's not like:
Me: Hey big brother.
Him: Yeah?
Me: Your not my brother anymore.
Him: Okey. Now go outside, yo
:iconskystar12:SkyStar12 3 9
HETALIA: ALRIGHTY THEN, EH. by TheGweny HETALIA: ALRIGHTY THEN, EH. :iconthegweny:TheGweny 377 60
USUK? No. USCan? Hell yeah.
So, as you may know, I have been into Hetalia for the past... uh, for a long time. 
Everyone loves the USUK pairing (America and England) and there's tons of doujins for it. But there's only a handful of doujins for my favorite pairing of all time, USCan, aka America and Canada. 
I love Alfred (America) and Matthew  (Canada) togther, and they happen to be my favorite characters.
I also enjoy other pairings on Hetalia such as:
:iconsexyprussiaplz: and :iconsexyaustriaplz:
:iconsexyfranceplz: and :iconcanadagasmplz:
:iconsexyenglandplz: and :iconnekocanadaplz: <<< XD sorry Neko!Canada is too cute. 
SOOOOO, yeah. I love this. I LOVE ALL YAOI! MUAHAHA!
:iconuscanplz: for the win.


And he TRIES!
:icondeaththreatsandcandy:deaththreatsandcandy 1 0
A Canadian Love Story (UsCan Fanfic)
Based on this video --->
WARNINGS: Yaoi/BxB/Boy love/Whatever you call boy x boy pairings, extreme fluff.
Hetalia or the characters do not belong to me, they belong to Hidekaz Himaruya. I hope you liked it <3
    "Sorry I'm late, Prussia," said Canada as he sat down in his seat next to Prussia. "I was busy." Prussia grinned. "Oh I see, were you out on a date with your boyfriend, America?" Canada's face tensed up. "W-what?!" stuttered Canada. 
    "A-America and I are not dating!" replied Canada, trying to defend himself. "We are just two boys who do certain activities together." finished Canada. "Which exactly means you're dating," added Prussia. "Also I can't help but point out that you didn't deny that America was your boyfriend." The Prussian smirked, making the blond uneasy. "H-hey! Stop it, he is NOT!" protested the Canadian. "Look, I don't like him that way, he's just a friend to me." Canada sighed, h
:icongalaxy-pretzel:Galaxy-Pretzel 1 4
Love by Moon-Cloud101 Love :iconmoon-cloud101:Moon-Cloud101 15 0 Mochi's! by xFrozenDarkness Mochi's! :iconxfrozendarkness:xFrozenDarkness 15 9 2p America and 2p Philippines by Blueskywater 2p America and 2p Philippines :iconblueskywater:Blueskywater 3 0
AmeCan fluff
  America wasn't the one to normally get worried but when his brother hadn't shown up to the meeting he started panicking, it was already lunch break and he hadn't shown up Italy was looking a little worried too as he stared out the window his eyebrows furrowed normally he would've fallen asleep but he just couldn't shake off the feeling he was getting. The lunch and Alfred's thoughts were interrupted by the sound of sirens. He looked out the window and ran out the door even though Arthur and Germany were screaming for him to come back. He couldn't. He ran down the stairs, more like slid down the rail, knowing the elevator would take too long. He burst out the doors and onto the streets and walked up to one of his police officers.
 "What is going on here?"
 "There is a hostaging going on here." The man replied
 Alfred took no time to think he burst threw the door as guns were pointed at him and ready to fire. He just looked around unnerved by all the possibil
:icon1p-canada:1p-Canada 3 3
USCan commission by Julesie USCan commission :iconjulesie:Julesie 22 2


Hi! I'm not dead! I just have been really busy....and my memory isn't the greatest either...but I'm still alive!
Hi! I'm not dead! I just have been really busy....and my memory isn't the greatest either...but I'm still alive!


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